As ambitious as we are, we are aware that asset management is a fragmented world with a myriad of asset classes and sub-specialized financial products, technology growth-equity being a niche category. One can see private equity as a B2B marketplace between liquidity holders seeking a return on a financial product, and entrepreneurs willing to fuel their ambitions and partner with investors to ultimately create and share value. Both LPs and entrepreneurs qualify as our clients. …

There is no better way to end the week than to spark your interest in the philosophical concept of mimetic desire. I am hoping to embark you on a journey with French philosopher René Girard who coined this theory. I will elaborate on herd behavior I find particularly interesting to study as a venture capitalist. You will see that Girard’s mimetic theory plays an undeniable role in technology investing.

The father of the Mimetic Desire theory

From the most credible US investment firms like TPG or Oaktree, to seasoned tech veterans like Linkedin’s co-founder Reid Hoffman, to more surprising celebrity athletes Shaquille O’neal or Alex Rodriguez, SPAC sponsors are rolling the drums of this new bonanza, frenzy, tulip mania, boom of SPAC IPOs … This long form article aims to walk the reader through the key elements to know about SPACs, a way to take private companies to the public markets, and the main takeaways about their recent resurgence.

We will here explore the basic mechanics of SPACs and the reasons why SPAC IPOs have become…

Spreading the word about a new economic paradigm for digital creators

A collective yoga class on Zoom (The Verge), 2020.

Digital platforms and technology are enabling the advent of the Passion Economy which gives creators a chance to live off their unique skills. To better illustrate, the rise of podcasting well epitomizes the relevance of this framework. By better catering to a smaller audience, creators can increase engagement and monetization. The bigger picture is that one can see Founder-Market fit as an extension of the Passion Economy because value creation is driven by problem solvers and innovators who are passionate about breaking status quo in a specific industry. …

Hadrien Comte

Growth Equity @ Gaia Capital

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